Conscious Website Creation

Are your business asking to be more visible?

Is now the time to get your Business Magic online so that people can find you. Is there a desire to get all your creations in one place and make it easy for people to find all your magic in one beautiful place.

Is it time for your business to have a website ?

If it’s a YES and it would be more ease for you to let me create your new website I will love to contribute to your business and co-create.

I create beautiful magical websites, I communicate with the website and with your business so you see I’m not the one who decide what the website desire to look like, your business does and the website also. 
We all contribute to the creation and this is so much more ease and fun than to create a website the linear way. 

So if your business require a website, contact me and I will set up a meeting. 

I create as speed of space and I would love to contribute to you to get your Magic out in the world.
I do all the “hard work” with ease and joy – you provide me with the photos and content and voila – the website is actualized! 
So if your business require a website, contact me and I will set up a meeting. 



Conscious Website Creation  and packages: 

Creation of a website, this package is for you who can do everything yourself after the website is finished. Including is zoom sessions to get clear on the website. Price: One payment of $1000 or 2 easy payments of  $550

1000 USD

2×550 USD


Package nr. 1

This is for you who would like only writing the content. I’ll do all the maintenance and the tech stuff for your business website. And learning all about the backend stuff.

Website and support package*        $1300
in 2 easy payments of                          $750
*support for 3 months from the day the website is finished.

Package nr. 2

This is for you who would like to do all the maintenance but don’t know how. During our Zoom session I’ll show you all the “how tos” for your business website
Price: one payment of                     $1150
Or 2 easy payments of                     $625

Package nr. 3

Is for you who want me to do the maintenance, all the tech stuff not
the content writing you’ll create the content and I’ll put it on the
Price:  $150/month**​
**You can stop at any time!

1300 USD

2×750 USD

1150 USD

2×625 USD

150 USD/month