You are a gift

What will it take for you to acknowledge it?

Body Possibility Sessions

Is now the time to communicate with your body and to have presence with it?
Are you ready to ask your body for everything that concerns it?

Are you ready to let your body tell you what it will take to change it?
Are you ready to let go of the control and the superiority that YOU KNOW what’s best for your body?
Are you done trying to beat your sweet body into submission?

Is now the time to have a relationship with your body a relationship where you communicate with each other.


Greater possible with your body

For years I have been beaten up my sweet body!
It was a hard job keeping the shape I desired it to have. Even though I got the body I desired I was never satisfied with it, I judged the crap out of it!

Every time I stopped the beating my body went back to the shape and weight that I hated!
So I judged it even more for looking like that! And I also hated it. And every time I looked in the mirror I hated what it looked like and when I had to dress I hated my body for being to big to fit any of my clothes. Oh my poor body!

What you Hate You Create

Are you willing to give up all that shit your body has to put up with every day, just because your body is doing what you ask it to do!!!
You see every judgment you have with your body it creates!

When you look in the mirror and go “I am too fat, I am too old, I am too skinny, this is too saggy” your body creates that for you, your body does every thing you tell it to do, even the thing you are not cognitively asking for. Your body just want you to be happy!

Would you be willing to listen to your body even the wispers and to have presence with it and ask it to turn up the volume if you can’t hear it.

What if your body could show you what it want to eat and how it want to move.

What if you could have eace and pease with your body and by letting your body show YOU what else is possible just by letting it guide you!

What if that is all it takes to have the body you desire and what if instead of beating up your body every day in the gym – your body just require you to dance and play and have fun and you will end up with the body of your dreams!?

Are you willing to go on this adventure with your sweet body?

I am willing to choose the adventure with my body and I love it, I have so much ease and peace and space with my body and every day is a new adventure.

I am so grateful for my body, it is a fantastic creation and I choose that specific body when I desired to have a body in this lifetime.

So what if you and your body just by communicating can create the body you desire and do it with total ease and what if it don’t have to take as long as you were told your whole life!

Is now the time to book a session with me.

1 x 60 min. session    $75

5 x 60 min. sessions $303

10 x 60 min. sessions $530

Create your Body every day!